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The Communication Ministry at Clear Lake United Methodist Church is dedicated to creatively sharing the events and ministries of our church with our members and the greater community.

Through printed newsletters and mailouts, bulletins, our website and other forms of media, we help to keep everyone informed and encourage involvement.
We use every means available to help "get the word out" about happenings at CLUMC.

Our Office Location:
The Communication Ministry Office is located in the Administration Building in Room 212. We are the first office to your left as you walk in from the back parking lot. Our office hours are Monday–Thursday, 8:30am-5pm and Friday, 8:30am-3pm. We love to work via email or just drop by to visit us or make an appointment if you like.

Ministry responsibilities include, but are not limited to…

Printing & Copying Needs:
The Communication Ministry is the copy and print center of the church. We keep various colors and sizes of paper and materials here for your ministry usage. We’ll make copies for you and help with creating and printing marketing materials for your church event.

Church News or eNews: Clear Connection
The Communication Ministry is currently handing out a weekly newsheet in our Sunday bulletin during worship or via an online subscription to our eNews subscribers that goes out on Thursdays. You may also download it from the church website. You can sign up at anytime for either one. Call the church office or sign up online.

Weekly Deadline
To place an article on your church event, discuss with your ministry area representative and they will E-mail articles to us by Wednesday at noon for the next Sunday's issue of Clear Connection.

We also mail out a Monthly version of our Clear Connection Newsletter to those who have requested our mail subscription. It is the same monthly newsletter that can be downloaded from the church website if you would like to "stay green."

Monthly Deadline
To place an article on your church event, discuss with your ministry area representative and they will email the articles to us for the next month's issue by the First Friday of the month for the next monthly newsletter. (ex: the first Friday of January for the February newsletter)

Church Website:
The Communication Ministry updates the main articles on the church website weekly on Thursdays. As with most websites, we are continually changing and adding news as it happens for faster communication. Please email or give the information to Lee Ann as soon as you know of your event! We prefer 3-5 business days to post new information or pages and Wednesday at noon for regular articles.

Advertising & Graphic Design:
The Communication Ministry helps develop and coordinate creative projects or publicity campaigns for your events with regard to print, web & multi-media advertising. We can help with ministry campaigns, graphic designs, press releases, posters, flyers, banners, mail-outs, pamphlets, yard signs, newspaper ads, etc… We’ve even done theater ads, billboards and television commercials. Be sure and give us as much time as possible to help you with your events.

Need to Spread the Word?? How to Market Your Church Event/Activity:
If you have an upcoming Clear Lake UMC event, don’t forget to get the word out. The Communication Ministry Office is here to serve you and publicize all your church events. We suggest you start communicating with us the moment you start talking about it in your ministry teams. Once it goes on the church calendar… come talk to us! On large projects and all-church events you need to start working with us 6 months out from your event date if possible. On smaller projects and events we like to start promoting 6 weeks out from your event date. When we start planning your event it’s good to think about placement. Who is your audience? Is this a Church-wide only event or a Community-wide event? If it is only church-wide we’ll place it in the church news, bulletin insert, website and in-house posters. If it’s for the community and the money is in the ministry area budget, we’ll also add it to newspapers, press releases, ads, community boards and newsletters, etc. Therefore, let us know the information as soon as you plan your event… even if it’s down the road. If you have any questions about a particular job, or how it should be done, please consult with us.

Sermons Online
We are glad you are interested in listening to the sermons from our Sunday Worship Services. We have both Traditional and Contemporary services online. Our sermons are available in the .mp3 format so you can download directly to your computer or you can subscribe to our Sermon Podcasts. CDs of the Worship Services can also be checked out or ordered from the Church Library at 832-240-4904 or email Betty Burghduff

If you would like to h
elp the Church communicate its message, contact us to volunteer today! We are always looking for new and innovative ideas. We are always looking for photographers and videographers!

Lee Ann Philgreen, 832-240-4704
Leigh Mount, 832-240-4705


Social Media - CLUMC Facebook & Twitter

Join in!

Facebook is a social utility that helps you connect and share with the people in your life. CLUMC has created a facebook page to help you get to know other folks in our church as well as keep up with events that are coming up. Check it out to see what's going on!

Clear Lake United Methodist Church - Houston, Texas

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to read short messages or updates from Clear Lake United Methodist Church on the web, on your smart phone or by a text message. We have two different Twitter accounts:

 clearlakeumc - this account is for everyday reminders or updates of non-urgent news

 urgent_clumc - this account is a place to post the latest information for the
                                     church during any emergency situation (church closing, 
                                     hurricanes, tornados, fire, flood, etc.)

You can click on the above links to join now or from the church website you can choose NEWS, then SOCIAL MEDIA from the menu bars!

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