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The purpose of CONNECT GROUPS is to live out our church’s vision of clearly demonstrating the love of Christ in a small group setting.  We covenant to pursue a clear pathway to discipleship by worshiping, connecting, and serving together. Through these groups, we hope to become a disciple who is clearly marked by prayer, presence, giving, service, witness, and growth. “Help connect me!” Rev. Kevin Johnson: 832-240-4912 or

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 Alpha Class
 Pizza with the Pastors

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 Sunday Morning 9:30am Connect Groups

 Sunday Morning 11am Connect Groups
 Mid-Week Connect Groups
 United Methodist Women
 United Methodist Men
 Upcoming Connect Events (announcements)
Sunday Morning 9:30am Connect Groups ::
Demographic:  Couples and Singles, 40+
Topics:  Religious and current issues
Location: Room 420-421, Flanders Building
Contacts:  Marion & Harry Hulen: 281-488-2473
                Cline Tincher: 281-486-5167

Demographic: Couples and Singles, 40+
Topics:  Bible study
Location: Room 429, Flanders Building
Contacts:  Jim Brackeen: 281-480-5043
                Charlotte Chandler: 281-486-4740

 Hebeler Bible Study
Demographic: 50+
Topics:  Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies
Location:  Room 311, Elrod Building
Contacts:  Kay Bergman: 281-488-1794
 Single Navigators
Demographic:  Adult Singles
Topics:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Room 422, Flanders Building
Contact:  Bob Merriam: 281-488-1253
              Nancy Duronio: 281-286-7580  

Sunday Morning 11am Connect Groups ::
 Centro de Crecimiento Cristiano
Edades:  Todas las edades
Descripcion:  Discipulado
El lugar:  Salon 311, Elrod Edificio
Contacto:  Rev. Alberto Williams: 832-404-3003

 College & Career
Demographic: post high school, pre-marriage
Topics: Bible Study
Location: Flanders 429
Contact: Mark & Lacy Stole; 832-758-2385 (text welcome)

Demographic:  Married or engaged couples, mid-20s to late 30’s (with and without children)
Topics:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Room 425, Flanders Building
Contact:  Tonesia Rhodes, 281-508-7099

 Family Matters
Demographic:  Parents ages 35-50+
Topics:  Scripture-based for spiritual growth
Location:  Room 424/426, Flanders Building
Contact:  Mark & Kristin Parkinson: 832-512-5542

 Open Door
Demographic:  Singles & couples 40+ (but all welcome!)
Topics:  “Hot button” issues
Location:  Room 422, Flanders Building
Contact: Laurie Redd, 281-487-9680

Class Website: [ Open Door Link ]

 Partners in Faith
Demographic:  Adult couples, 35+
Topics:  Discussions based on scripture
Location:  Room 423, Flanders Building
Contact:  David & Shelley Pogue, 281-334-5481 

Demographic:  Married & Singles, 60+
Description:  Biblical lecture with discussion
Location:  Room 420/421, Flanders Building
Contact:  Pat McKinney: 281-488-0046 

Mid-week Connect Groups ::
 Mondays, 7-9pm
Demographic:  Adults, all ages
Description:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Homes in Clear Lake & Seabrook
Contact:  Pam McShane: 281-513-2988; Mike McShane: 832-643-7334

 Mondays, 7pm (on Summer Break until September 8)
Demographic:  Adults, all ages
Description:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Room 422, Flanders Building
Contact:  Carla McDonald: 830-730-3397; Kasandra Hennan: 832-483-2184

 Tuesdays, 7-9pm
Demographics: High School Students (9th-12th grade)
Description: Weekly Home Study
Location: Stovall's Home 
Contact: Dave & Leigh Stovall (281-415-8209) and Craig & Hiroka Thompson

 Mondays, 7:00pm
Demographic:  Adults, all ages
Description:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Room 423, Flanders Building
Contact:  Janis Howell: 832-240-4901

 Tuesdays, 6:30am
Demographic:  Men
Description:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Room 311, Elrod Building
Contact:  Vic Sanders: 281-684-3156

 Tuesdays, 6:00pm
Demographic:  Adults, 30’s
Description:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Homes in Clear Lake & Seabrook
Contact:  Rev. Kevin Johnson: 832-240-4912

 Tuesdays, 6:30pm
Demographic:  Women, 40-60s
Description:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Homes in Clear Lake
Contact:  Debbie Thompson: 281-813-1848 

 Tuesdays, 7:00pm
Demographic:  Men
Description:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Room 421, Flanders Building
Contact:  Jim Brackeen: 713-419-7831

 Wednesdays, 7-8pm (not currently meeting)
Demographics: Intermediate School Students (6th-8th grade)
Description: Weekly Home Study
Location: Marschke's Home
Contact: Jay & Kathy Marschke (281-990-8125)

♦ Friday Friends, 4pm
Demographic:  Women
Description:  Scripture-based curricula
Location:  Homes in Clear Lake
Contact:  Sandy Kimbrough (832-240-4902)

United Methodist Women ::
United Methodist Women (UMW)
Demographic:  Women, All Ages
- Night UMW:  1st Wednesdays, 7pm, Flanders 428
- Unit Meeting - 1st Thursdays, 9:30am, Wesley Center
- Day UMW:  2nd Thursdays, 9:30am, Member's Homes

Description:  Clear Lake’s United Methodist Women is an organization comprised of six small groups, four of which meet in the daytime and one that meets in the evening to accommodate women who cannot attend a day meeting. All groups come together for a Unit meeting once a month.

Contact:  Jean Gates: 281-997-8777 or
United Methodist Men ::
 United Methodist Men (UMM)
Demographic: Men, All Ages
- Meetings, 2nd Monday of the Month, 6:30-8pm, see [web calendar] for location (normally - Fellowship Hall)
Description: The mission is: "To help men mature as disciples of Jesus Christ so they may encourage spiritual formation in others". Our mission is captured within our motto: "Men growing in Christ, so others may know Christ."; 
The national website is

Contact: Phil Palma, 281-704-6851; George Redd, 713-598-3030 or
Upcoming Connect Events (see below) ::

Pizza with the Pastors - Sunday, August 10

     Join us on Sunday, August 10 for Pizza with the Pastors. If you are new to Clear Lake United Methodist church, or have been attending for some time and have decided to take steps toward membership, this is a place to start.  
     Lunch will be served immediately following worship, from 12:15-1:15pm in the Fellowship Hall. Having Pizza with the Pastors is your chance to visit in a small group with one or more of our pastors and others who are seeking church membership information. Please RSVP on the connect card or by calling the church office at 281-488-5110. Childcare is available [ upon request ]. If you are ready to join the church, and Pizza with the Pastors doesn’t fit in your schedule, you may make an appointment and speak to one of the pastors privately about church membership.  


Free! Single Line Dancing Lessons - Thursdays

Thursdays, 7pm, Great Hall

Come join the fun, meet new people and learn something new!
We meet from 7-8pm on Thursdays through the end of August.
Contact Kasandra Hennan for more information at 832-483-2184.


South District - Breakthrough Prayer Workshop - Saturday, August 16, FUMC, Lake Jackson

South District - Breakthrough Prayer Workshop
Saturday, August 16, 9am-2pm
FUMC, Lake Jackson (404 Azaalea, Lake Jackson, TX)
Cost is $20 to pre-register; $25 at the door

Join First United Methodist Church of Lake Jackson in welcoming Rev. Sue Nilson Kibbey as she leads a Breakthrough Prayer Workshop in the Fellowship Hall. Call 979-297-3046 to register or for more information.


College & Career Sunday Morning Connect Group

Sunday mornings, 11am, Flanders 429

     Do you know any young adults in college or early in their career looking to connect? Well, spread the word because now we have a new connect group just for them. You know, the group that always seems difficult to reach, the busy group, the group that is social-media driven, tech-savvy, and working to make their first big impact on the world. Maybe you are this person!
     This group is for young adults who are post high school but pre-marriage, looking for a place to hang out, connect with others, and study God's word. The “College & Career Connect Group” will meet on Sunday mornings at 11am in Flanders 429, led by Mark and Lacy Stole. For questions please contact Lacy at 832-758-2385; texts welcome :)


Heritage Sunday - Rev. Von Dawson preaching, Sunday, August 24

“Heritage Sundays” 
Sunday, August 24
Rev. Von Dawson

preaching in Traditional Worship Services

Celebrating 50 Years
on the 4th Sunday of each month



Men's Tuesday PM Bible Study

Tuesdays, 7:30pm - Flanders 420/421

Did you know that the men of the church meet for bible study and fellowship? It’s for men of all ages. If you’d like to attend, just show up and enjoy the conversation. Come join us! For more information contact Jim Brackeen at 713-419-7831.  - Carl Kirby & Jim Brackeen


50th Anniversary Events - Save the Dates

Sunday, November 23
All-Church 50th Anniversary Worship Celebration
6pm, Gateway Community Church, 760 Clear Lake City Blvd., Webster
Rev. Morris Matthis will be the guest speaker

    If you know former members who you think would like to attend, please send their names and addresses to the Outreach Office or email marcella@clearlakemethodist.orgVolunteers are needed to help! Contact Betty Flanders at 832-240-4706.


Historically Speaking

         Dedication plaques, markers… there are a number of historical dedications around our campus that document some important milestones of our church’s history.  Have you noticed the stone marker in the front flowerbed outside the main Sanctuary? It was placed there when we built our magnificent new Sanctuary. It reads: “All efforts both large and small, that please the senses of us all, apparent to those who pass by here, this is a church that really cares”. (Fenn)
    On the Elrod building’s front corner there is a plaque dedicating the building in memory of the minister who initiated the building process, but passed away just before the completion of that new education building Rev. Elton Elrod (1922-1976). 
    At the drop-off porch of the Flanders Building there is the dedication marker on the entry wall that reads “Clear Lake United Methodist Church, Betty Flanders Education Building, Dedicated to the Glory of God, 1991”.
    The memorial garden and the fountain there, are dedicated “To the Glory of God, November 1, 1998”, in addition the water garden feature at the visitor entrance is dedicated in memory of Rigdon Joosten “Rig’s Garden, God’s Love”. 
    Our lovely chapel off of the sanctuary was dedicated in honor of Rev. Dillon Laffin on June 18, 1995. On the Sanctuary narthex side wall, we read that our carillon was “Given in Loving Memory of Alex James (1982-2002) who glorified God through music”. At the side entry of the Sanctuary there is a stained glass, very subtle fountain placed in memory of Stephanie Rockett (1968-1999).
    Unseen, but still there are hundreds of messages written in chalk on the foundation slab of the Wesley Center, written there on the day we celebrated the beginning of that new facility.  At the entry of the Wesley Center, is the plaque that lists the building committee members who had the vision, and implemented that dream for our newest building, which enables us to further our ministry at Clear Lake UMC. And, there are many more such heartfelt commemorations around the church, in fact every pew, art glass window, and chancel furnishing in the Sanctuary building were given as very personal remembrances…
    Remembering all the saints of the church who have, and still continue to “Clearly Serve” the ministry of Clear Lake UMC, is important to the culture of our great church. Won’t you take time to notice them and remember?
Telling His story. 

- Betty Burghduff, Archives and History


Save the Date: All-Church 60'S Party - Friday, October 3

    Hey all you dudes & chicks, let’s take a groovy trip back to the 60’s. Were you a hippie? A yuppie? Didn’t you just love The Beatles? They were far out. Dig out those tie dyed shirts, bell bottoms, white go-go boots, skinny ties, fringe jackets and join all the cool kids at CLUMC.   
     It’s gonna be a gas for the whole family. The food will be outta sight and the music rad.  Family dance time followed by the best garage band of the 60’s, featuring the Rev. Tony Vinson, it’ll blow your mind.
     Sing along to the BEATLES, the hippest of the hipsters. See how many people you can get in your bug and remember to have a Chinese Fire Drill on the way to the church. Until then, peace out, keep the faith.


United Methodist Men - Pancake Breakfast, Sunday, August 17

United Methodist Men - 
Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, August 17
8:15am, Fellowship Hall


Heritage Sunday Pastors

Upcoming Heritage Sunday Pastors
Celebrating 50 Years
4th Sunday/month

♦ August 24 - Von Dawson
♦ September 28 - John Stephenson
♦ October 26 - Lillie Ferrell
♦ November 23 - Matt Neely

55 & Better News - Thursday, August 21

10am, Fellowship Hall

55 and Better is a senior travel group for singles and couples who are 55 and over. We meet at least twice a month - one trip and one meeting. Call JJ Joosten for more information at 281-488-2467.


Make a Connection

Connect includes activities that connect us in community, especially connection to a covenantal small group that we will begin calling Connect Groups. We encourage all members and regular attenders to join a Connect Group. We are also encouraging all groups within the congregation to establish a covenant with one another that encourage their unique identity while also challenging them to pursue worship + connect + serve within the context of their individual group. If you have ever been involved with  a small group, Bible Study, or Sunday School Class, then you know they can help you become a better disciple of Jesus. If you are not currently involved in a Connect Group and would like to be, please contact Rev. Kevin Johnson at 832-240-4912.


Update Your Member Information

We want to stay in touch with you! If you have moved, or changed your email address or phone number, let us know by clicking on the artwork to the left and filling out the online form. You may also find this link under the “resources” tab across the top of the website and drop down to “membership”.  

There, you’ll find an easy form for updating your contact information. You may also email or call 832-240-4902 if you have any questions.


Men's Tuesday AM Bible Study

Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30am - Elrod 311

     Hey guys! Come join us as we begin a new study series called Confronting Controversies, with videos by Andy Hamilton. We’ll be covering some of the tough issues of today such as Separation of Church and State, Abortion, Homosexuality and other topics.
     We meet at 6:30am each Tuesday in Elrod 311. Jump start your day with Bible Study! Led by Vic Sanders


Meetup -

a New Kind of Singles Ministry*

     If you’re interested in Singles Ministry at our church, you need to join  As a member of our CLUMC meet-up group, you’ll be sent invitations to all kinds of get-togethers with which our church is involved that are designed just for singles!  And better than that, if you’re a member of our church, you can organize your own Clear Lake UMC “meet-ups” through this easy-to-use site.  Want to organize a trip to the theater?  Schedule a meet-up.  Want to go bowling?  Meet-up.  Want to plan a cycling trip?  Meet-up.  Your meet-up might even be as simple as grabbing coffee at Starbucks, going walking with a few friends, or carpooling to Metro Bible Study.  Whatever interests you have, doing them together with some new friends makes them even more fun.  
     *This is not a dating site or even “online social networking” like Facebook.  It’s simply a way of sending and receiving invitations to have real face-to-face interaction with Christian friends in the Clear Lake area.  Questions?  Need help getting started?  Contact Rev. Harold Travis at 832-240-4905.


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