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Sunday Worship Services:

♦ Traditional Worship in the Sanctuary
   - 8:15am Service
   - 9:30am Service
   - 11am Service

Music & Fine Arts: Sanctuary choir, Orchestra,
Handbell choirs, Children’s choirs, Youth choir
 Upcoming Music & Fine Arts Events Calendar
Learn more about: the Pipe Organ


Contemporary Worship in the Wesley Center
   - 9:30am Service
   - 11am Service

Servicio en Español en el Wesley Center

   - 1:30pm Servicio

♦ Baptism
♦ Funerals
♦ Weddings




Advent Sermon Series

     We celebrate many things during the Advent and Christmas season. For most, it is a time filled with joy and excitement. For some it can be a time of sorrow or loneliness. We all need to be reminded that God is at work in our lives and in the world around us. It can be tempting - amidst the rush and distractions of the season - to miss the ways that God is working, always fulfilling his promises to His people.
     This series will explore the miracles of the Christmas story and remind us all that God is at work - even today - in amazing and wonderful ways.

Christmas Eve - December 24 - "The Smallest Miracle"
As we've explored the signs and wonders of Christmas, we arrive at the most amazing and awe-insppiring miracle of all: the birth of Christ. We see the power and majesty of the God of the universe juxtaposed against the intimacy and tranquility of that holy moment. This reveals that God's promise is kept in the concept of Emmanuel - God with us.

Worship at a Glance

 Wednesday, December 24
Christmas Eve

- FX Live! Family Worship Experience, 4pm, Wesley Center

Advent Sermon Series - "Sign & Wonders"
"The Smallest Miracle" 

Candlelight & Communion Services: 
- Contemporary Worship, 6pm, Wesley Center
- Traditional Worship, 7, 9 & 11 pm, Sanctuary
- Celebración Servicio en Español, 8pm, Wesley Center


Acolytes - Traditional Christmas Eve Worship Services
Wednesday, December 24
Macy Williams
Avery Williams
Brienne Grimm
Courtney Kaufman
Kellie Jones
Courtney Kaufman
Brendan Lardie
Brendan Lardie
Blair Culbertson
Emily Wilcox
Abbey Wilcox
John Culbertson

Sunday, December 28
1st Sunday after Christmas Day
♦ Traditional Worship, Sanctuary
8:15, 9:30 & 11am: Rev. Tony Vinson

♦ Contemporary Worship, Wesley Center
9:30 & 11:00am - Cameron Supak

♦ Servicio en Español, Wesley Center
1:45pm - Guest Speaker: Cliff Shearrow

Adult Sunday School Classes - 9:30 & 11am
NO Children’s and Youth Sunday School; No Encounter!
Childcare for Pre-K and under will be offered during both 9:30 and 11am worship hours

Acolytes - Traditional Worship
Sunday, December 28
Brienne Grimm

Liza Robertson

Joseph Krolczyk



Come Celebrate Advent With Us

Sermon Series in Traditional, Contemporary & Spanish Services

2014 Advent Calendar & Christmas

Sunday, December 21
- Messiah Sing-Along, 7pm, Sanctuary

Wednesday, December 24 (Christmas Eve Services)
- FX Live! Family Worship Experience, 4pm, Wesley Center
Candlelight & Communion Services: 
- Contemporary Worship, 6pm, Wesley Center
- Traditional Worship, 7, 9 & 11 pm, Sanctuary
- Celebración Servicio en Español, 8pm, Wesley Center

Sunday, December 28 (Regular Sunday Schedule)
- Traditional Worship at 8:15, 9:30 & 11am
- Contemporary Worship at 9:30 & 11am
- Servicio en Español at 1:45pm

- Childcare available 4 & under
- No Sunday School; No Youth Group


Monthly Hope and Healing Service - 1st Sunday/Month

Monthly Hope and Healing Service - 1st Sunday/Month

10:40am, Laffin Chapel

    We will have Hope and Healing Services in the Laffin Chapel the first Sunday of each month. Persons can come and light a candle for themselves or a loved one. They will then hear a short devotional and be invited to have persons pray with them or they can just pray on their own.
    Rev. Harold Travis will conduct the service. Come at 10:40am to receive prayers or to join others in prayer.


Celebración Servicio en Español

Domingos, 1:45pm en Wesley Center

En 16335 El Camino Real
Clear Lake United Methodist Church

Led by Rev. Alberto Williams


2015 Flower Chart - Traditional Worship

     Our new 2015 Flower Chart is now available. It is located on the bulletin board right outside the church office. 
     Reserve your special date now for altar and narthex flower arrangements for Sunday worship services. The cost is $35 for the altar and $30 for the narthex flowers. “Altar” (A) or “narthex” (N) is indicated on the chart. We can place one arrangement on the altar every Sunday (with the exception of the weeks that are indicated “narthex only”) and two arrangements in the narthex per week. It is first-come, first-served for the altar flowers. You will be sent a reminder letter before your turn comes, and you can then indicate how you want your dedication to read, and return it to the church office with your payment.
     Please indicate on the chart YOUR name and phone number, rather than the person’s name you are making the dedication to. That way, we know who to send the reminder letter to. Thank you for supporting this special ministry of our church and honoring a loved one in the process.


​Interested in Becoming a Lay Reader?

The Traditional Worship Service lay reader group is interested in adding some new readers. A lay reader is the person who leads the congregation in the responsive reading of the Psalm and who reads the Scripture. Would you like to become a reader, or would you like to consider becoming a reader? If so, please call the church office at 281-488-5110, or call Bob Merriam at 281-488-1253. He would be pleased to discuss the lay reader duties with you, in hopes that you will choose to join us.

Contemporary Worship Needs Volunteers

We are in need of volunteers to help with the Contemporary Worship Services; Set-up, Communion, Offering and Takedown. Contact Kevin Johnson for more information at 832-240-4912.

Communion in the Chapel

Every Sunday, except the first Sunday of the month

Communion and a time of quiet reflection are offered in the Laffin Chapel from 10:40-11am. Anyone who wishes may enter the chapel, partake of Communion, and spend time in quiet meditation. Although Communion is only offered once a month during our Traditional worship services, Communion in the Chapel allows you to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice and your forgiveness any Sunday. The Contemporary worship services offer Communion every Sunday. We welcome all.


Tuesday Morning Eucharist & Devotional

9:15-9:45am - Laffin Chapel

     One of the greatest joys of the Christian life is sharing in Holy Communion. Somehow Christ's presence is mysteriously real as we share in this sacrament. You are invited to come and share communion with members of the church staff every Tuesday from 9:15-9:45am in the Laffin Chapel (the little chapel at the west end of the Narthex in the Sanctuary). In addition to communion we join together in singing hymns and receive inspiration as one of the staff offers a short devotional. 


Ushers Needed in Traditional Worship

Ushers needed in all services. For more information contact Dick Burghduff 281-488-3263.


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